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    Our licensed service technicians will respond quickly and will provide you with a repair estimate before beginning work on your unit. If the diagnosis is a major system failure they will offer cost effective options on new, energy efficient replacement equipment.

    Our company is a residential HVAC contractor, offering full gas furnace services, from heating furnaces and duct installations, to repair, service and maintenance. We serve Southern Maryland communities with fast and reliable heat equipment installations to meet the winter needs of your family and home. As a well-established heating contractor, we install, upgrade, repair and maintain a large diversity of heating units from leading manufacturers such as Trane, York, Rheem, Goodman and Luxaire. Our gas and oil furnaces perform at high-efficiency levels, year after year and deliver superior comfort. Many gas furnaces we install today operate at over 95% efficiency, which means that 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home. We recommend to our customers to consider replacing older heating units with new energy efficient equipment. Work with an experienced Heating Contractor you can Trust. Contact us today (301) 861-6237 to discuss your needs, and to schedule your preventative maintenance, service repair, or free estimate.

    Seasonal Service Tune-Up

    Lower energy bills, increased comfort, longer equipment life, lower labor rates, and peace of mind! That is what our preventive maintenance provides for you. We are thorough and dependable. As part of our scheduled service visits, we meticulously check every appliance covered by the agreement, using our comprehensive HVAC systems checklist as our guide. Among other things, we'll test for and repair leaks, drain lines, check fluid and lubricant levels, test for carbon monoxide, lubricate motors and bearings, check relays and contractors, remove worn hoses and belts and install new ones, tighten loose parts, and clean dirty areas. We'll assess potential problem areas and make recommendations on how to address them. Why wait until your furnace or air conditioner breaks down to call for service? Most problems can be identified and fixed before they require costly overtime repairs or ruin vital system components. Equipment even benefits from our Preventative Maintenance because lubrications, cleaning and adjustments are necessary to keep your system operating at its designed level of efficiency, prolong its life, and reduce your energy bills.

    1. Talk with the customer
    2. Visually inspect furnace
    3. Remove and clean burners, if possible Vacuum out burner compartment and heat exchanger
    4. Adjust burners for maximum efficiency
    5. Visually inspect heat exchanger for safe operation
    6. Clean flame sensor or inspect thermocouple
    7. Clean and vacuum motor and blower compartment
    8. Check blower motors and lube as needed
    1. Check and adjust thermostat
    2. Check operation of all safety controls
    3. Test and tighten all wiring and connections
    4. Monitor for Combustion Leaks
    5. Check flue for proper draft
    6. Cycle unit through one complete heat cycle
    7. Conduct carbon monoxide testings.
    8. Check operation and amperage draw on units with electric heat packages
    9. Startup and check humidifier
    * Refer a friend or family member and receive an extra $15 off!

    24 Hour Emergency Service

    Not only does B&E Heating & Air offer Nights and Weekends at no additional charge! We also offer our 24 Hour Emergency Service Calls at the same rate as our already low service call price of $59. $59 Service & Emergency Calls! You call, we come! 24 hours a day! 7 days a week! No overtime charges! Same Price 24/ 7/ 365! WOW!! Residential service calls - Just a flat rate, 30 minutes or 8 hours you pay the same price.

    Our highly qualified technicians know what they're doing, can diagnose the problem, show it to you and let you know exactly what it will cost before they start the work. Deliver you a full education on the problem(s), preventative methods to avoid future repeats of the same or future problems to come.

    Heating Unit Installation Service

    We provide a 2 year limited labor warranty(most contractors offer only 3 months to a year) on our installations. See our warranty page for information on manufacturer specific equipment warranties.

    Why call the BIG BOYS? We do it for 1/2 the priceand twice the quality. We offer the best price and warranty for residential heating and air conditioning repairs and installs. Free estimates, get our BEST PRICE on new HVAC installation or call to save money on A/C and heat service and repair of all brand equipment.


    B&E Heating & Air offers a full 1 year warranty on labor on all our repair work!

    Most companies offer a 30 warranty on labor. At B&E Heating & Air we are confident that we will exceed your expectations of what a HVAC Company should be. We stand behind our work for a full year! We understand that your system may break down during non-business hours, we offer our Emergency Calls at the same low rate as our Service Calls with no additional charges! Regardless of the time or day!


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    About B&E Heating & A/C Service

    B&E Heating and Air believes that a company is only as good as its people and our people have made us one of the most trusted and respected heating and air conditioning companies in the Washington DC Metro Area by always going the extra mile to provide our customers with unsurpassed service.

    • Family Owned and Operated
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Quick Response Time
    • Knowledgeable and Experienced Technicians

    We perform all of our installations in strict accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, and have 24-hour emergency service available. And with B&E Heating and Air, you deal directly with the owner, so you know the type of company you're hiring.

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